In Isocaloric studies in which nonvegetarians, vegetarians and vegans each receive the same calories daily, after 3 months vegans weigh 23 lbs. less than nonvegetarians and 12 lbs. less than vegetarians.

30 Reasons American children fat  14 Solutions

American fast food reaches Africa

Why were American children the world’s fattest while our trees are skinny?
But the tide is turning. Americans
are beginning to lose weight despite:

1. The dairy lobby is federally subsidized.. 1/4 billion annually.. to promote
milk designed to make a calf into a 1000 pound animal in a few months.
This food was not designed for human beings.

The Swiss owned Nestle’s conglomerate promotes
cows’ milk for human babies.

2. Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac and other
tv advertised and heavily marketed
antidepressants cause long term
weight gain. Those
not taking prescription drugs are subjected to
these compounds which contaminate the water supply from the urine of those programmed to take the drugs
Tranquilizers like valium, antiinflammatories like prednisone and antiseizure medications
also cause long term obesity.

3. The food advertised is high animal protein and animal fat
food.. which isocaloric studies by Mervyn Hardinge MD (while at Harvard
before he like Mad Cow discoverer Prusiner left that institution because
of its meat investments)indicate will make a nonvegetarian 23 lbs. heavier than a vegan after

3 months given the same number of daily calories.
Conversely, the Atkins and other
high animal protein diets cause
a sudden weight loss. Then
participants reach a plateau and
cannot lose further weight. Atkins
died weighing around 260 pounds
after a cerebral stroke which
caused his fall.  One cheeseburger (promoted by pawns of the meat industry diets)
has 1370 calories.

4. parents who allow a lifestyle
of tv and internet without exercise
sunlight and fresh air
5. some school systems still have
Coke, Pepsi and other high sugar
colas in vending machines

6. USDA dominated school lunch programs promote
trash animal products, with little
in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. The WIC program (Women Infant
Children of the animal agribusiness
dominated USDA) is another dairy subsidy
giving the poor obesity engendering
dairy products.

8. Convenience stores and gas stations sell junk cola, potato and corn
chips, candy bars, cows’ milk and no fruit and vegetables.

9. Small farmers and their markets are forced out of business by
chain stores with the help of the USDA.

10. The Food Network, The Rachael Ray
Show, and other
tv shows for their multi tirllion dollar
meat fish and dairy agribusiness
clients promote cooking with
carcinogenic, stroke engendering
high fat foods. Rachael Ray would
throw bacon on icecream if she
could as she shills for NY butchers.



The Swedish dairy lobby of Minnesota
and Wisconsin, represented by
the Diebold installed Senator Coleman as
well as Feingold and Kohl and with the constant ads of Minnesota
“Public” Radio
promotes a racist disregard for the
natural milk intolerance of Africans,
Asians and other cultures. In addition, a Vermont tv stations has
a weekly ice cream promotion show, despite the correlation of
hormone containing icecream to prostate, uterine, cervical, and
breast cancer.


12. Despite objections from the
European Union, American agribusiness
has forced its way in giving
female hormones and water retainers
to animals, with the dosage upped
before slaughter. These hormones
and water retention chemicals
continue to act in humans, causing
weight gain and planting cancer

13, Decadent gorging on the murdered
causes waste, obesity, animal agony,
and in some cases choking

14. Alcohol is fattening and causes
teen and other deaths, cirrhosis
of the liver, busted families,
domestic battering etc. yet Coors,
funder of the warpromoting Heritage
Foundation, also advertises alcohol
on radio
as early as 11 am on weekdays

15. The cultures in which people
absorb the most sunlight tend
to be the most slender. The energy
of the sun replaces the inferior
energy of food. It comes in numberless
frequencies, each body taking
what he or she likes. Americans do
not stay in the sun as much as many

other cultures.

In addition Americans adopted the
English fatmaking breakfast, high
in meat and dairy, not the
French breakfast. France has
a low average weight.


Americans are subjected to more food ads than any other people.. Fast
food ads have accounted for over 100 billion in advertising revenue.
A Canadian study reports that tv watchers eat more than non tv watchers.

18. We may be addicted to coffee,
but it is for many an appetite


Corporations, grocery chains,
and a very
strong restaurant association
have saturated many foods with
gratuitous fattening and toxic
animal products.

Farmers’ associations, 4H clubs, Oscar Mayer
program children. School curricula are sometimes created
by the dairy lobby. School lunches are animal product laden.
20. Judge Holwell and other
unelected judges have sided
with the fast food industry
in rulings on calorie postings,
liability of fast food chains for fat etc

21. A liver filled with poisonous molecules such
as insecticide, preservative, hormone and other residues
is less able to burn fat.

22. The animal flesh industry through illegal corporate influence
in the NY and other schools sponsors social studies courses
which promote animal flesh, studies promoted by the
school administration and even the teachers’ unions which
historically resisted corporate influence. These courses
make children fatter, and the ‘nutrition’ taught is full of lies.
The meat industry also secretly funds books such
as The Compassionate Carnivore.

23. Writers such as Nina Planck, nutritionists from meat
invested schools such as Columbia, Harvard, Univesity of
Texas, and deceased animal protein promoters who died
before their life expectancy should have been (Dr Atkins,
Dr Stillman, etc) have been paid or programmed to promote
purloined animal flesh.

24. Rising food prices as money is diverted from America
to bombing babies overseas has put fresh fruits and vegetables
out of the reach of many.

25. Poverty creates overeating

a  people eat to reduce stress which creates a cycle of depression
b. people eat to stay warm
c  the more healthful foods are sometimes
priced beyond reach
d the poor for the most part cannot walk on beautiful
stretches of beach, nor get to exercise spas

26. Around the world, midnight shift work is 1 factor
in obesity. Many never feel totally rested and eat in
the mistaken notion food will erase the problem.

27. Bouts of anger make the heart beat and breaths rapid
and dump adrenalin into the bloodstream, stimulating

28. A recent study indicated that the average French person takes
an hour more time to eat than an American..
with leisurely meals in community. He stated
that ‘slow food’ is better than ‘fast food’ in weight

29. Not just the BBC’s series and American tv
are responsible… but authors like Jeffery Deaver
who sprinkle their texts with obesity engendering
animal flesh references.

30. Some grocery chain stores have Rachael Ray…
forcefeeding the airwaves’ captive audience with obesity engendering, leukemia-sparking
high cholesterol and animal protein foods (called by the China Study
the chief cause of cancer)


1. exercise more

2. eat fewer calories (a journey

of a 1000 miles begins with

a single abstention from biting)

3. eat more fruits and vegetables

(vegans weigh 23 lbs less than

nonvegetarians and 11 lbs

less than vegetarians after 3 months

in isocaloric studies)  [URL=””

4. eat more uncooked food (more fiber

… more food eliminated)

5. when faced with a mental stimulus

to eat…

some go out and walk

6 others repeat their favorite one of

the infinite names of God

7. still others believe the illusion

of hunger is thirst.. and drink

much water


8. Salt retains water in the body,

adding to weight. Lemon juice

dressings are one salt substitute.

9. Caffein stimulates the appetite


10. Shop when not hungry.

11. keep a log of what is eaten

and the estimated calories

12. Community is necessary.

Overeaters often isolate themselves.

13. The emotional support of Overeaters Anonymous

is important to many

14. Others say… why sit in a meeting talking about food

.. making yourself hungry… when you could be exercising it off




1. Alcohol and cigarette ads have been banned on tv. Animal flesh

and products cause more deaths annually than tobacco, alcohol, war,

traffic deaths combined. It’s time to ban tv, radio, and billboard advertising

of meat, dairy and fish which cause cancer, heart disease, stroke,

food poisoning, kidney dysfunction, arthritis etc.

2. Count calories. Set a daily limit. Keep a log of calories eaten.

3. Be informed about the greedy pharmaceutical, germ ridden hospital,

and multitrillion dollar animal agribusiness connections of the CDC

which through Atlanta’s prosecutor persecutor Boring has

crucified a vegan couple while ignoring the millions of deaths

annually from animal products.


1. American agribusiness allow

carcinogenic female hormones made

by Merck and other companies to

be given to cows and other animals.

The European Union banned these

hormones because of their known

cancer causing properties, as the

US government long ago banned

diethylstilbestrol. However multitrillion

dollar animal abusers took the EU

to the WTO, a servant of moneyed

interests, which ruled against

people’s health.

2. Dairy products cause a mucus

lining of the respiratory tract, creating

colds, flu, etc.

3. Salmonella, brucellosis are 2

of thousands of diseases from animal


4. Food poisoning: 97% of all

food poisoning fatalities are animal

product related, reported Knight



Why are our trees skinny?

The regime dominated Forest Service

has caused the logging in some

places 3! times of the people’s trees.


Cows’ milk is worst for the animals,

humans and earth. Soymilk is

better but is still a factor in

deforestation. Almond milk, coconut

milk etc. are best for animals, humans,




In Chino California

6500 cows

suffocated as they

sank into the mud

In North Dakota untold

numbers froze and

suffocated in

20 foot high snow drifts.

In southern Ohio

a cow slipped on mud.. her back legs

went both ways.. she was split up

the middle and left there over

several days to die

In Maryland cows

are electroshocked away

from their babies.. stolen

to be butchered as veal

In Vermont cows have

infection encrusted udders

as they bleed from

milking machines

In Kentucky, a downed

cow was kicked repeatedly

and pulled off the truck

with ropes

In West Virginia, a truck

filled with cows was in

an accident. 75 cows

spilled down the mountainside.

In Colorado, the

winter wind rips through

the slats at 81 mph

as the

slaughterhouse bound animals

huddle iin trucks speeding

through mountain passes.

In Texas, trains full

of cowssuffocating from

heat.. have downers

.. 4 d animals..

dead dying diseased


At New York’s “stock”

exchange they

hide the truth

of Mad Cow

to try to protect

the Mad Cow Dow

In Kansas untold

millions of cows have

frozen in blizzards

In Wisconsin, after

a lifetime of giving

a lifetime of slavery

exhausted old “milk” cows

are sent to slaughter

for fast food chain hamburgs.

In Minnesota, ‘dairy’ cows

are given food (not feed..

a chauvinist term) with

animal products in it..

causing Mad Milk.

In Oklahoma cows’

ears are stapled with numbers

In Wyoming, bulls

are castrated

In Iowa the smoke

from the branding irons

of cows rises to God

and asks for mercy

In the land around

Yakima Washington

.. lived a 4 year old

little girl.. what

was the name of this

little “mad cow”?

What have been the names

of the billions of cows

who have gone to their deaths

terrified in Illinois?

In Pennsylvania pharmaceutical

labs calves were slashed..

and smallpox sprayed

on their gashes

in a few weeks the gashers

come back

and plane off the scab.. and grind it into powder..

powder which contained BLV or bovine leukemia virus

.. the same disease as HTLV except in a different species

In Calgary, little calves

are slammed to the ground

their necks and legs breaking

in a rodeo called the Calgary


In every state in the union

cows are electroshocked,

are bleeding, are kicked,

are pulled off trucks

are pulled from their babies

(Thank yo to EB for the midnight shift information)


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