USDA Opposition to Mad Cow Testing. USDA hiding the truth as well about Mad Pig Mad Sheep Mad Lamb Mad Deer Mad Elk Mad Chicken Mad Turkey Mad Fish Mad Milk

USDA: Revolving door between USDA and animal flesh industry  (Ann Veneman, USDA Secretary, was mentored by Lyng of the American Meat Inst. before going on to UNICEF) http://www.commondre…008/0610-17.htm

USDA, Monsanto, Dairy Industry Poisoning Children With School Lunch Program http://www.lipmagazi…green_172.shtml USDA Muzzling Mad Cow Truth (USDA muzzling list of ingredients containing Mad Cow, Mad Pig, etc.)

USDA is mandated to investigate animal research labs. Its criminal neglect in this area joins many other areas.

USDA’s US Forest Service through the criminal policy of controlled burns has set millions of acres on fire, burning people, animals, trees, buildings.

USDA gave 2700 ineligible millionaires (many of them in animal agriculture) subsides.…or_millionaires

USDA’s Plum Island facility has long had bioterror and other research

USDA’s WIC program under the guise of helping pregnant and young mothers and their children is a dairy farmer subsidy which furthers animal killing and spreads ovarian, cervical, prostate, uterine and breast cancer because of the female hormones given cows and chickens. The US government fought the EU’s prohibition against such hormones.

USDA Attempts to Destroy Food Coops in Washington, Giant and Safeway along with USDA agents, have sent agents into the coop movement.

Elsewhere the USDA has cooperated with other grocery chains. USDA Subsidizes Meat Fish and Dairy Industries’ Energy Intensive Labor Intensive Products Through Food Stamps The religious beliefs of spiritual and ethical vegetarians and vegans are violated by these subsidies. Food stamps for animal products add to American obesity. USDA and Commerce Depts. pay under programs such as Market Promotion Program for commercials for McDonald’s, KFC.


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