Frankenstein Animal Crucifiers

Mice at Ohio State have their spines broken by premed students
as Ohio State trustees continue their greed for research monies.
The owner of Victoria’s Secret is on the board.  PCRM sued Ohio State but the Republican Ohio Supreme Court sided with the spinebreakers.

Leslie H. Wexner, Chair (2020)

Leslie H. Wexner, Chair of Ohio State Board of Trustees, one of those responsible for mice spine breaking.
Leslie H. Wexner, chair of the board, owner of Limited Brands (Victoria’s Secret)

Your tax dollars stolen to torture primates, cats and other
mammals.. right next door to the pharmwhore CDC

100 million animals a year die in US labs, over 2 million in the UK. Switzerland,Japan, Korea, Canada, Norway, China, Nairobi, Germany, Italy, Korea
and many other countries torture
animals. They are electroshocked, denied water, put in
restraining chairs for months. They are frozen, boiled, given
poisons, sleep deprived, blinded, their limbs amputated. They are the victim precursors
of the human victims in illegal CIA prisons areound the world. Primates, dogs, cats.. all social animals.. confined
in many cases alone. Please use your mouse
to save mice Pfizer Merck and Lilly of the US, Glaxo of the UK, Roche of
Switzerland, Bayer of Germany..
all are war profiteers and animal

a stereotaxic device (polysyllabic words sometimes hide the horror of holding laboratory cats immobile as their brains are torn apart


Jack Gallant at UC Berkeley is denying primates water,
boring holes into their skulls, keeping them confined in
restraining chairs may have been removed
(dog decapitator Dr Robert White of
Case Western)
http://www.sumeria.n…alth/prism.html online book (Firefox is censoring
the opening of this site on its software)
Midwestern Univ in Chicago: putting pregnant Rabbits
on Treadmills…ral33/frist.htm
Univ of Colorado Health Sciences brutality
http://www.rockymoun…4912443,00.html kidnapped animals get aspartame tumors has an update on the divestiture of
Huntingdon Life Sciences stock…urnalCode=micro
laboratory generated infections and other diseases
A. Untold numbers of animals (dogs, monkeys etc) have
been shot into space to die.
. by NASA… while the Navy
has sent countless dogs in hyperbaric chambers
(deep sea diving) into the sea depths to their deaths
B. Pfizer, world’s largest pharmaceutical animal abuser, incinerates at least 1 truckload of rats a day
in its New London Connecticut ‘research’ facility. One experiment
has made it impossible for mice to shut their eyelids. A dog at a Kalamazoo
Michigan Pfizer lab drowned in
a washing machine. Whether or not
this was military funded waterboarding
research is not known.
C. Human chauvinists in the Red Cross separated 100,000
pets from their owners in the aftermath of Katrina.
Many drowned or starved. Some were shot by uniformed officers of various police and
military agencies.
D. Ohio State’s president defends Cruelty 101
.. a course in which premed students break mice spines.

She is being sued by a 7000 member physician group
Please ask Ohio State alums to boycott OSU football and other
sports until vivisection stops at that overtaken university.
The Veterans’ Administration and Medical College of Georgia
have severed the spines of rats…
E. NIH has spent hundreds of billions of dollars torturing animals
.. causing human deaths from lethal drug byproducts,
and promoting the pricegouging warmongers of the
multinational pharmaceutical industry. Anthony Fauci has
been a paid mouthpiece of NIH for a long time.
F. The Navy’s armed against their will dolphins were released
by Katrina. The dolphins had been kidnapped to be mine carriers in
submarine black ops.
See the book Day of the Dolphin by Lilly.
G. Tulane’s bioterror victimized primates were killed by Katrina
H. 8000 research animals drowned in Katrina at LSU while
no humans did. Many of those that remained starved to death.
Finally the head of research came in and “euthanized”
the rest.
I. Dr Nichols of Emory Univ. who
has tortured and impaled cats

since 1989 with the stolen tax dollars
of the poor was trained in torture
at Harvard (see below)
J. The Univ of Chicago has been
electrocuting animals for utility research

K. The Air Force has been tasering
pigs. So has the Univ of Wisconsin

in research facilitated by Russ Feingold
and Herbert Kohl and funded
by the US Justice Dept.
L. #25157 was acquired and entered quarantine at CRPRC on September 6, 1989. Her age was estimated to be 2 years. She had been wild-caught. Quarantine is generally an experience of isolation and repeated examination. Like many
other primates she was paralyzed
M. Bill Frist, whose family are
billionaires because of the fraud
of their pricegouging hospital
chain, stated in his autobiography
that he misrepresented himself
as an animal adopter at Boston
a Boston animal shelter and
took the cats to Harvard to be
carved up. Frist authored legislation
to exempt Lilly and other drug cos.
from lawsuits generated by
their lethal drugs.
N. THe University of Maryland
and Perdue began a course in rabbit
meat production.
Each student
was to nurture and feed his rabbit.
On the final day of the class he
was to murder and skin the helpless
being. The class was ended by
a animal rights activists who freed
the rabbits.
O. Bill and Melinda Gates have
funded primate torture at Duke

as well as toxic pharmaceutical
monopoly ‘vaccine’ programs
around the world. Vaccines have killed millions from the
‘smallpox’ vaccine which spread Aids throughout Africa to
Glaxo vaccines which have killed soldiers.
P. In Gates’ Washington, UW’s
Michael D Katz is attempting
to open a Pandora’s Box..

as he tries to recreate the 1918
pandemic flu in captive mice.
Is this research funded by USAMRID
as a bioterror weapon? This flu says USAMRID was of pig
flesh in origin.
Q Zanjani at the University of Nevada is promoting cannibalism
and opening Pandora’s Box as he has desecrated God’s
creation by lab production of a sheep with 15% human DNA.

Harvard Medical School exploited slum children and taught them
to kill offering them a quarter each for every stray or pet dog or cat they kidnapped and brought to its many Bastilles. Harvard with a 34 billion dollar endowment, bigger than any other, receives 330 million
a year more than any other university taken from the taxes of the poor.. with which it
tortures primates and many other species. Of the NIH
pharmaceutical pawn budget of 45 billion, Harvard gets the
biggest university share. Harvard keeps
many of its animals without sunlight
underground to avoid public focus
on its torture.

Long before 1895 when
was founded, Harvard’s Frankensteins were harming animals.
Perhaps it is of them that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote
in Twice Told Tales: “the murder of a mouse in an airpump”

Now its animal torture labs are hidden underground and
far away as in Southborough.
50,000 research animals trapped in cages underground
who never saw the light of day drowned in a Texas flood.
Not a single researcher drowne
d. Animals to them are
objects, not worthy of rescue.
Ohio State has been forced by a PCRM
lawsuit which was successful to
reveal the method by which its
veterinary school killed the cats
whom it gave AIDS.
Dr Michael Swango, physician trained at Ohio State, killed several hundred human beings on 2 continents before caught. He was trained to objectify living beings at the state college which spends 61 million a year abusing animals.

OSU has 60,000 students and spends 61 million (it admits
to) in animal torture yearly. That is over $1000 per student
.. as the school has raised by double digits the tuition.…/anexp/osu.html

HBO and Johns Hopkins, pharmaceutical courtesan, teamed up to produce a movie about Alfred Blalock, after whom the Blalock Press was named. It tests how many pounds of pressure a dog’s bones can take before they break. Something The Lord Made is the name of the pharmaceutical propaganda film.
The Crile Building is named for the family of Cleveland Clinic founder George Crile who bragged that when a neighbor’s cat woke him up with her crying,
he went out, cut her, and killed her under the surgical knife the following morning.
broke the legs of 6 dogs in an experiment.
Case Western for years claimed Dr Robert White, creator of shortlived agonized 2 headed monkeys, 2 headed dogs, 2 headed rats, was honored by the Visiting Nurse Service for his barbarism. When an Ohio animal rights activist walked down the aisle and pulled a fake head out of her box, presenting White with the ‘vivisector of the year’ award in 1989, she was arrested by the Cleveland police
for her 1 moment of nonviolent speech.


A sweet ****** numbered B43, not named for
months was kept in a restraining chair, sleeping, eating
defecating there, her legs cramping, a victim of astronaut
studies, especially of the contracts of Lockheed, the nation’s
premier war profiteer with 94 billion in contracts.

Richard Meilan of Purdue
and others ‘have no problem with putting human genes
into plants’..
the probability of new varieties of Mad Human prions abounds


URL: http://www.rockymoun…1038398,00.html

Temple Grandin, Col State, designes slaughterhouse
methods. She refers to animals as ‘it’.

Primates Albert II and Albert IV did not return alive from space.
Albert II and IV died on impact due to parachute failure. They were from the Aeromedical Lab at Wright-Patterson. NASA
shot some primates into space who never returned
but circled alone in the void until their lonely merciful deaths.

At Texas’ Brooks Air Force Base, Dr Don Barnes resigned rather
than irradiate primates. The movie Project X starring
Matthew Broderick was based on
his act of courage.


NASA did not tell the public that in the last shuttle
there were thousands of captive animals from NASA Glenn
in Cleveland, blown over 5 states along with the 7 astronauts.

*Harvard now hides its research primate victims at
Southborough and other places.

When do vivisectors try to cause wars or mass slaughter?

Martin Seligman who shocked dogs at the Univ of Pennsylvania.. later
worked with the CIA to develop detainee torture methods.


(Weaponized anthrax found on Israeli soldiers in Georgia)
(Ft Detrick and Battelle were given 1 billion in stolen money by
the CIA to develop weaponized anthrax.. a bioterror weapon..
thousands of primates were murdered at Ft Detrick in just
1 of the many experiments which took place at the 2 facilities)

George Merck and the CIA developed bioterror weapons in the 50’s.
Merck was the founder of the Merck pharmaceutical company.
Recently CBS reported that at Ft Meade some of these
ancient weapons were destroyed.

The ‘smallpox’ vaccine which spread Aids throughout Africa
showed an exact match between the 17 countries with
the most inoculations in exact order (1st Zaire, Zambia,
Haiti, Brazil) and the incidence of Aids. The odds of this
occurring randomly are infinitesimal.

Thank You God for ending all vivisection, all forms of violence
on the planet today and always.


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