EPA requires that insecticides be tested on dogs. EPA testing on animals and approving lethal mammal murdering rodenticides and insecticides


EPA negligence in breaking up Smithfield and other factory farms’ waste operations has visited agony on trillions of animals and has poisoned many fish in the oceans and streams from pfiesteria.

The EPA has allowed wholesale destruction of animal habitat

bycattle ranchers, factory farms, uncontrolled development

The EPA has not regulated building with wood which destroys animal habitat and causes fires which burn animals. Rewarding those who build with brick stone stucco block and other nontree environmentaly friendly materials and penalizing those who build with wood is the first step.

The EPA has not sufficiently helped those fighting antedeluvian ordinances requiring mowing. http://engforum.prav…ead.php?t=62938

The EPA has not mandated the posting of utility lines underground to prevent the dismemberment of trees by monopolistic utility companies.
The EPA has not sufficiently encouraged wind, solar, thermal and other alternatives to killer coal and nuclear energy which cause mass destruction of trees and lung problems in humans and animals through acid rain
The new EPA has put a hold on mountaintop removal (but the administration is still removing mountaintops with daisy cutter bombs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya.)

The EPA has not yet required utilities to protect against the murder of as many as 100,000 fish a day sucked in to their intake valves.
EPA has not yet helped the Center For Biological Diversity and worldwideenvironmental groups in the campaign to end the trapping of turtles for Japanese and other Asian market turtleshell jewelry.


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