CIA Animal Research Experiments: A Fraction Of Them

The CIA’s illegal torture prisons in Romania, Poland and elsewhere have ostensibly been shut down but their animal torture continues. *

CIA gave 1 billion to Battelle Memorial Inst. in Tennessee to develop weaponized anthrax. 4000 primates were murdered in just the first round of experiments at Ft Detrick. Counlless other primates were sent from Ft Detrick to Battelle.

In 1962, CIA affiliated research of 3 vivisectors at Univ of Oklahoma involved injecting LSD into a ‘surplus zoo’ elephant. The elephant died. At Ohio State as well, LSD research was conducted by the vivisecting psychology department. For other OSU research: go to

Martin Seligman at Univ of Pennsylvania shocked dogs repeatedly for the CIA and was recently given 31 million more animals by the Pentagon. He is a past president of the APA whose psychiatrist and psychologist members have tortured people as well as animals.

The CIA, Skinner and primate vivisection

CIA forced surgery on a cat, putting in a transmitter. The cat was run over by a taxi. Unfortunately reporters made a joke of the cat’s suffering. *

CIA straps cameras onto pigeons, echoing the countless deaths of pigeons in WW1.


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