Blood Sweat Tears and Other Ingredients In the Flesh of Murdered Animals

Animal products in causing many cancers, heart disease, kidney breakdown,
food poisoning, etc.
kill more people annually in the world than
tobacco, alcohol, traffic accidents, war, domestic violence,
guns, and drugs combined.

revised Sept 9, 2003
Blood, trioxypurine, adrenalin, cholesterol, prions, fecal matter,
colon bacteria, toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, insecticides, female
hormones, antibiotics, mercury, arsenic, chromium, polychlorinated
biphenols, no vitamin C, no natural bulk, senility, sterility,
cancer, anthrax, lead, Mad Cow, Mad Pig,Mad Deer, impotence, fly
dung, smallpox, tularemia, Alzheimer’s, alcoholism, addiction

. THE BLOOD is called juice after its chemical nature changes from
. SWEAT OR PRE URINE is uric acid or trixoypurine.. more addictive
than caffein (dioxypurine). It is the primary cause of arthritis and
rigidity as it crystallizes into needles jabbing the joints. Uric
acid would have been eliminated by the animal’s muscle cells had she
not been butchered. Carnivores have 5 times the kidney size
per pound of body weight.
. THE FECES poured out by terrorized animals has traces of ecoli or
colon bacteria.. not only their own waste but that of other cows on
which they often slip as they are being skinned alive at Iowa Beef
Processors or other sites. Dr. John Harvy Kellogg, affiliated in the
last century with Kellogg cereals found that after a few hours ecoli
(colon or intestinal bacteria) can multiply into the billions. As
of gallons of fecal matter are dumped into the waterways,
ecoli or colon bacteria based infections are coming to
vegetarians as well as nonvegetarians. The proximity of swinging
hanging cadavers causes ecoli and other diseases to be transmitted
to other cadavers.…rtatkins/1.msnw
. ALzheimer’s Disease is caused by ALcohol, cooking with ALuminum,
and the prions in ALlanimal protein, plaque which builds up
in the brain interfering with function. (Mercury destruction
of memory is not intrinsic to meat but added.)
. The animal fat in meat clogs cerebral arteries.
(Wm Shakespeare in “Twelfth Night”: “He is a heavy eater of beef.
Methinks it doth harm to his wit.” )
. Lancet, the British medical magazine, found that
Mad Cow is sometimes diagnosed as dementia.
ADRENALIN OR EPINEPHRINE is secreted in massive amounts by
captive helpless terrorized animals who hear the screams of
their fellows while they stand in the slaughterhouse line
or in open slatted slaughterhouse trucks in the freezing cold
of winter.. as trucks rip through mountain passes.. or
the suffocating heat of summer. Dr Loving at Ohio State has
found that humans who fight have high adrenalin blood levels
even 22 hours later. Animal fright hormones saturate the blood
and muscle cells of animals. These hormones are protein enzymes
some of whose links are broken by cooking. Many remain intact
recreating the anger in those who consume the flesh. Adrenalin
is unreleased tears.
It is the ingestion of anger, terror, and agony. Such meat
adrenalin has been correlated to violence. A recent Maryland prison
study reported reduced violence in those eating vegetables. Ingesting
meat causes the body to be a constant state of unnatural alert.
. ANGER see above
. VIOLENCE.. see above
. RAPE Alaska has led the nation in sexual abuse and in ingestion
of animal protein. Factors are adrenalin, female hormones
which stimulate unnatural sexual response given to animals etc.
C is in no animal products.. It speeds up the flow of brain snyapse
messages and promotes connective tissue in the skin, said two time
Nobel Laureaute Linus Pauling, who
defined an orthomolecule as a molecule in fruit. C is a toxin
bouncer. C should be consumed within the bulk of fruit, or
in a buffered state, or with food.
Animal fat clogs the arteries causing heart attacks and strokes,
which are the single major cause of death in the world. Meat deaths
per year outdo alcohol, tobacco, and accidents combined. It is not
just the animal fat in meat which causes this,
but the uric acid (trioxypurine) is an unnatural stimulant, as is
the adrenalin enzyme. Adrenalin mobilizes the body for fight or
Meateating puts the body in a constant state of stress.
Countries with the highest meat consumption have the highest rates
intestinal cancer. Canada, Australia, the US, Argentina, and Chile
are some of these. Meat has no natural bulk and
causes a constipation which leads to total blockage.
a. Dr Mervyn Hardinge working at an Ivy League university
found that vegans weigh 23 lbs. less than nonvegetarians while dairy
vegetarians weigh 12 lbs. less.
Fruitarians weighed least. In the 3 month isocaloric study, the groups
were all given the same number of calories per day. The increased
bulk and lack of constipating flesh in vegetarian and vegan diets is
a factor.
b. The milk of cows is designed to produce a thousand pound animal.
c. The lack of fiber in animal products causes constipation and
retained calories.
and other forms of bioterrorism all originate in the consumption of
animal flesh or contact with their skins (hides, leather making,
woolsorters’ disease) The USDA which protects the multi trillion
meat industry while attempting to prevent diversity in fruit seeds
from entering the country attributes only 700 deaths in animals to
anthrax last year (500 in Texas) while virtually only NBC reported
the anthrax in November 2001 in 21 California cows. (Author of 9
books Leonard Horowitz writes that the CIA gave Battelle of Columbus
Ohio 1 billion dollars to develop weaponized anthrax.)
Susan Miller, voice specialist with Georgetown Univ Hosp (a
vivisecting institution) has spoken of the rigidity of vocal chords
caused by dioxypurine (caffeine). Trioxypurine (uric acid in meat)
is even more damaging.
DINOCOCCUS RADIODURANS: According to NPR in December of 2002, a
dinococcus radiodurans
can survive within meat though irradiated.
ACIDITY Many diseases of acidity are related to acidification
of the body from acid foods. Gastrointestinal acid reflux
has been called by some gastroenterologists a product of fast food.
ECOLI OR COLON BACTERIA When animals are butchered Dr John Harvey
Kellogg MD found their colon bacteria or ecoli could multiply
by the billions in a few hours. Now ecoli from slaughterhouses,
feedlots, and farms is filling the streams of the world. Not
only food poisoning deaths but ear infections and immune problems
are a result.
There are tens of thousands of diseases caused by the consumption of
the flesh of animals. The USDA listed slightly over 100 in the early
part of the 20th Century, but as knowledge has increased and toxic
pollutants have saturated
the environment,
the number has increased.
PERITONITIS When George Wallace was shot, he never completely healed
from peritonitis caused by the bullet ripping through his intestinal
tract after he had just eaten a hamburger. The bullet carried colon
bacteria throughout the body.
GANGRENE The downed cows passed into the human meat supply by
the corrupt USDA are often gangrenous.
PUTREFACTION: Like any corpse, animal flesh (meat) deteriorates
after death. Even when the cadaver is frozen, creiophilic
bacteria multiply. (see below) The inability of the body efficiently
to digest animal flesh is a cause of appendicitis. When the animal
flesh is heated, thermophilic
bacteria develop. Dr John Harvey Kellogg found that billions of
ecoli bacteria
multiply in the body after the animal is dead a few hours.
GELATIN a name for the ground up bones of animals.. which
can contain Mad Cow frequent brand name Jello
MAD COW MAD DEER MAD ELK MAD FISH ETC Dr Stanley Prusiner went to
the University of California from Harvard to receive more priority
for his prion work, which won a Nobel Prize. Mad Cow proteins can
incubate for 50 years said the World Health Organization’s
communicable disease division on the CBC. (Gelatin containing Mad Cow
is found in jello, gelcaps, soaps, toothpastes, soups etc. Vegans
catheterized much more seldom than nonvegans. However if by chance a
vegan is unconscious and catheterized against her will, often the
gels used against her will are animal derived.
The 5th Circuit has upheld Howard Lyman after Amarillo
sued him. The Court held the truth is not libelous. 7000 articles
The factory farming of over 81% of US fish with bone meal,
unregulated for animal parts, causes fish to have sexual and other
and Mad Fish Disease or Piscean Spongiform Encephalopathy.


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